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With us, the coolest digital art gallery in the country gained a modern e-commerce site that hosts its entire collection beautifully and accessibly. What art are you looking for? Refine your search by Most Popular, Top Urban Arts, Artists, Colors, Shapes and Types of Print. Choose your artwork from among various pieces by highly talented designers, artists and illustrators.

Urban Arts

Urban Arts



Christmas 2015


Urban Arts, an utterly unique digital art gallery, could not have a traditional Christmas campaign. Its essence is the creativity, transgression and freedom inherent in art. To challenge its customers to have a unique and unpredictable holiday season, we created #NatalUAU (#ChristmasWOW), a very fun experience hosted by a Mysterious Elf, our own “ghost of Christmas. With short and unpredictable videos for Instagram and Facebook, our elf invited customers to celebrate a unique Christmas and suggested a lot of art they could give friends and family. The true spirit of #NatalUAU by Urban Arts.

Christmas 2014


In 2014 we created the first Christmas campaign for Urban Arts, Brazil’s most unique and contemporary digital art gallery. We needed to think outside the box and draw attention, in the midst of all the holiday hype, to a new gift option: digital art. Nothing could be better than HoHoHell Christmas, starring a Santa Claus who was anything but conservative, “jolly,” or “old”: “Pere NoHell”. In a Facebook fan page, people shared their worst experiences involving Christmas gifts. The best stories served as inspiration for the videos, in which Pere NoHell joked sarcastically about that particular type of gift. In addition, Pere NoHell gave real-time tips on how to prevent Christmas blunders in a special web series and online chats. For the chain of physical stores, we created POS materials like stickers, mobiles and a life-sized Pere NoHell, with whom customers took pictures and posted on social media.


Natal 2014

Natal 2013