Audi in social media

With unique content and innovative experiences, Audi’s social channels have become a real successful case among premium car brands in Brazil. On its official profiles on major social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Orkut, when it was still the most popular social network in Brazil), we promoted the brand interacting with fans and with constant and daily engagement.





AUDI needed to reach its audience on social media. The character we invented, Guto Kleien, was a “regular guy” who owned an A3, loved the brand and had the perfect job: talking about AUDI on social media. Guto talked with customers “from fan to fan” and exceeded all expectations. He became a consultant, a friend, a contact and a platonic passion for many followers. Guto Kleien was also awarded Audi’s Best Global Marketing Initiative in addition to awards at the DMA and Abemd. What a celebrity!



Audi Studio

To help dealers create campaigns and improve their results, and ensure better standardization according to Audi global identity, we developed Audi Studio. This digital platform offers several customizable ad templates, making life easier for dealers and Audi Brazil team themselves. Now tell me about useful communication!





Audi cars have details, technologies, and unique features. The possibilities are almost endless. To help sales associates give clients complete information, we created the app Audipad. With Audipad, never again will a customer be left without an answer, or a sales associate without an explanation. A single tablet app brings together every specification and photos and videos explaining details about the cars. To make things even better, it also produces tremendous savings because fewer brochures must be printed and no paper waste needs to be disposed of, in addition to the advantage of being able to update its contents immediately in real time.


Audi Showroom

The Audi Showroom mobile app was created to help buyers who love Audi. It allows users, wherever they may be, to learn about the available models and their features, locate dealers, and have their favorite Audi at their fingertips. Literally.




Audi TT

An exclusive site for the launch of the Audi TT: dynamic, fluid, clean. A site worthy of a TT.

Com essas rodas, qualquer pista é passarela.